Kevin Bryan, Principal Architect

Kevin A. Bryan has been working and honing his design skills for over 25 years at Donald Joseph Inc. A graduate of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Kevin spent the first four years of his career in the Bay Area learning residential design at a top firm in San Ramon.

In 2018 Kevin was elevated to being a full partner and principal Architect in the firm, joining Donald as the two leaders of Donald Joseph Inc. Today, Kevin oversees all production staff at Donald Joseph and manages a large pool of builder and custom clients that he has developed in his time at the company.

He also very much enjoys spending time with his family- his wife Kim and two children Olivia and William.

Despite the success he and the firm have enjoyed, Kevin always points out that it’s all about the client. “We are not ‘big ego’ architects- our focus is understanding our client’s desires and needs, and delivering to them a building that will exceed their expectations.”

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