“In the past, we’ve felt disappointed by the lack of detail of others in this industry. Not with Kevin!! He is so incredibly bright, thoughtful, artistic, and attentive to every little aspect of the project. He amazed us with his ideas and listened to us so carefully so that he could completely capture our vision.”
- Breanna Patel

“Through the years we still call Donald to thank him for giving us a home that is truly a reflection of our lifestyle that transcends the test of time. Donald is a visionary whose work is distinguished by his versatility, sense of flow and environmentally focused designs.”

“We started off with a 1932 Salt Box Colonial in Little Holmby Los Angeles. After a year of construction our house was transformed into the shining jewel of the neighborhood. Donald Joseph, Inc. has made our house the perfect home to raise our family.”
- Scott Chase

“The team at Donald Joseph are design pros. In just two meetings we had every tile, granite, cabinet handle and wood decision figured out for the entire house. Donald and Kevin really had a vision of what a modern mountain home could be aesthetically and practically and we are living the dream here!”
- Moreilly Lewis

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Donald Joseph, Inc.
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